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Moving to a 55+ Community?

We’ve Got Insider Tips on Making the Jump Easier

If you’re considering a move to a 55+ retirement community, you may feel a little overwhelmed. Downsizing, packing and moving can be a challenge — especially if you’re trying to do it all in a compressed time frame.

To help you with the various tasks involved in your move, we’ve put together a cheat sheet of tips. If you need additional assistance or a referral to a move manager, please contact us anytime.

Choose your community

Before you get started with winnowing your possessions and packing for your move, you may want to select your 55+ community. By choosing your community first, you can get a better idea of the space you will have available and how many of your possessions you should plan to take along.

Cornelius Woods is currently accepting reservations for its spacious one- and two-bedroom condos, as well as two- and three-bedroom villas. Our counselors are available to work with you to select the ideal residence for your needs.

Begin clearing clutter

Starting to discard unneeded and unused possessions is the first step in downsizing and packing for your move. Consider going room by room and choosing the furniture and other large pieces that will make the move with you. As you assess your belongings and select those you will keep, you can move smaller items to a designated area and check off large items on a list.

For items that you will not keep, consider separating them into donate, give away, and recycle boxes or groupings. A move manager can help you arrange pickup for unwanted items — whether for donation, recycling or disposal.

Update important documents

Once you know the move-in date for your new residence, you’ll want to update all your important paperwork, including identification documents, credit cards, banking information, Medicare and Social Security, voter registration, and utilities.

In addition, be sure to notify trusted professionals — including your insurance agent, attorney, accountant, doctor and pharmacist — of your new address. You’ll also want to make sure that family members, friends, and church and social contacts know about your move and how to reach you in the future.

Prepare for moving day

As the date of your move approaches, you can begin packing up non-essential clothing, mementos and other items you don’t use every day. For items you’ll need right up until moving day and on the first few days in your new residence, consider packing a suitcase. Include several outfits that you can adapt to changing weather conditions, along with toiletries, important documents, and chargers for any gadgets you use regularly.

Consider asking friends or family members to help pack, or work with a moving manager who can provide assistance with labeling, sorting, packing, and moving your things into your new condo or villa.

Get comfortable in your new residence

Once your belongings are moved into your new place in your 55+ retirement community, the fun truly begins. As soon as you feel comfortable, take some time to begin exploring your new surroundings, meeting people, and getting involved in all the stimulating activities. To learn more about Cornelius Woods and the many attractions in the Lake Norman area, we invite you to contact us today.